Renting couldn’t be easier.

Rent out your apartment in no time, risk-free and absolutely effortlessly.

Just lean back and receive your rent, we’ll do the rest.

No more tenant search, missing rent or unreliable tenants. Rent out your apartment to us and receive your rent every month without any hassle – we’ll take over the rest.

Our services

We take over financial risk.
In case of vacancies or unreliable tenants you will still receive your rent on time.

We find trustworthy tenants.
In case of tenant changes we take over the whole new letting process.

We take care of repairs and maintenance.
This includes negotiating favourable conditions with various craftsmen.

We are the first point of contact.
We take care of all concerns of tenants and owners.

We are digital.
No more paperwork. We send all documents digitally.

We calculate data-driven rental prices.
Based on over 150 individual factors, we calculate the market rental price with an optimized return.

Rent out your apartment to Zenmieter in 5 quick steps

  1. Request your free, non-binding offer
  2. Schedule a flat viewing
  3. Receive your contract and sign
  4. Handover your apartment
  5. Receive your first rent

More about our process

Why rent to Zenmieter?


Potential tenants per flat (Ø in Munich). It is very time-consuming to select the most suitable tenant.

Landlords have had problems with irregular, incomplete or missing payment of rent.


of the landlords already had legal disputes with tenants.

Flat viewing with Zenmieter and your apartment is rented out. We’ll take care of the rest.

Landlords receive their full rent on time. With Zenmieter you have a guaranteed rental income.


of our landlords have had any legal disputes. If there are problems with a tenant, we will take care of it.

Transparency is very important to us.

We would like to answer your most important questions in advance.

Who are we?
We are Zenmieter, a team of real estate and tech enthusiasts, who have realised how much effort and problems are involved in the process of renting and letting apartments. We are now shaping the future of renting. We take all the financial risks and operational efforts away from the landlords. We offer our tenants a quick move, a personal service and unlimited contracts. We want to free landlords and tenants from all worries about their home so that they can focus on the better things in life – everybody wins.
In which cities can I rent to Zenmieter?
Zenmieter is currently active in Munich, Augsburg, Nuremburg, Fürth and Erlangen. Other cities will follow soon.
How can I be sure that Zenmieter selects suitable tenants?
We take over the complete risk of loss of rent. It is therefore in our best interest to select only the best tenants. Every unreliable tenant is a financial risk for us, and tenant selection is our core expertise. At the same time, you can be sure that you will get your rent paid on time every month, even if we should ever have a loss of rent.
How does Zenmieter earn money?

“We rent your flat 5-8% below the average rental price on the market. We evaluate each apartment depending on 150 personal factors. We then rent out your apartment to a suitable tenant on market price. In return, we bear the entire risk of vacancy and loss of rent. In addition, we take care of the coordination of repairs and the entire tenant search, including the cost for photos, advertisements and tenant selection processes.

For you this means that due to missing vacancies, no cost of renting out and tax savings in a long-term investment perspective the effective rent income reduction for you is 1-4%. Compared to using a housing management company or real estate brokers you can even save money.”

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