Transparency is very important to us.

Therefore we answer the most important questions about our service here.

Who are we?
We are Zenmieter, a team of real estate and tech enthusiasts, who have realized how much effort and problems are involved in the process of renting and letting apartments. We are now shaping the future of renting. We take all the financial risks and operational efforts away from the landlords and offer our tenants a quick move, a personal service and unlimited contracts. We free landlords and tenants from all worries about their home so that they can focus on the better things in life – everybody wins.
In which cities can I rent to Zenmieter?

Zenmieter is currently active in Munich, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen. Other cities will follow soon.

How can I be sure that Zenmieter selects suitable tenants?
We take over the complete risk of loss of rent. It is therefore in our best interest to select only the best tenants. Every unreliable tenant is a financial risk for us, and tenant selection is our core expertise. At the same time, you can be sure that you will get your rent paid on time every month, even if we should ever have a loss of rent.
How does Zenmieter earn money?
We rent your flat 5-8% below the market rental price. We evaluate each apartment depending on 150 personal factors and rent it out to a suitable tenant at market price. In return, we bear the entire risk of vacancy and loss of rent. In addition, we take care of the coordination of repairs and the entire tenant search, including the cost for photos, advertisements and tenant selection processes.

For you this means that due to missing vacancies, no cost of renting out and tax savings in a long-term investment perspective the effective rent income reduction for you is 1-4%. Compared to using a housing management company or real estate brokers you can even save money.

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How does Zenmieter calculate offers?
We calculate our data-driven offers based on the average rental price. We use one of the largest AI-based real estate databases for this comprehensive market price and rent evaluation. To make the analysis as accurate as possible, we evaluate your property as detailed as possible based on 150 individual factors. We then reduce this average rental price by 5-8%.

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What distinguishes Zenmieter from other providers?
We are the only provider on the German market with a rental payment guarantee. Most of the other models are based on short-term rentals and in the end offer a digital brokerage service and marketing of the apartment. The focus is on renting furnished apartments on a temporary basis with many tenant changes and at very high rental prices.

We have permanent leases with reliable end tenants and focus on few tenant changes. For extra services like new rentals, apartment handovers, etc. you have to pay extra every time with most providers. With us, all services are included in the fee with no hidden extra costs.

The services of (digital) property management companies work similarly to ours. The biggest difference here is that we sign the contract ourselves as a tenant and guarantee a monthly rent payment from the rental start date. So you will always receive your rent payments from us, even if there is no tenant in the apartment. Other providers do not take the risk here, so the first rent is only transferred once the apartment is securely rented out.

What would happen if Zenmieter no longer existed?
We are standing on a solid financial ground thanks to the financing of our investor Stryber AG (we will gladly send you our credit rating). In the unlikely event of insolvency, the lease agreement between Zenmieter and the final tenant would be transferred directly to you. In this way you do not have to worry about a new tenant and at the same time receive a slightly higher rent.
How long does it take to rent a flat to Zenmieter?
Our process is as uncomplicated and efficient as possible. You will receive a free, non-binding offer via our website. This offer is based on the average rental price calculated with the data you provide us. In the next step, we will plan a flat viewing (virtual viewings possible) and clarify your final questions. As soon as you are ready, you can sign the contract and Zenmieter will pay your rent reliably and regularly.

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How do I terminate my contract with Zenmieter?
Our rental contract is a residential rental contract according to all standards. This means that you can terminate the contract with us according to the state law, which means for personal need or economical purposes. You can additionally terminate your contract with Zenmieter with every change of tenants.
How much do I save when I rent through Zenmieter?
Let’s assume you rent your flat without an agent at a cold rent of 1,000 Euros over 10 years with medium demand: With Zenmieter you can save about 20,000 Euros over 10 years. This calculation includes the loss of rent income due to vacancies, tax savings and your usual cost of renting out. We take into account an average journey time to the flat of 30 minutes in this period, savings on repairs through our conditions, apartment ads on real estate platforms and all your valuable time for renting a new flat, planning and carrying out viewings, checking and selecting tenants with an hourly wage of 20 Euros. We will gladly explain the details.
What security do I have if I do not receive a deposit from the final tenant?
Unfortunately, we cannot give you the deposit of the final tenant. All necessary repair work is contractually regulated. This means that Zenmieter can promise that any damage caused by the tenant will be paid for in accordance with the contract. For your additional security, we will gladly issue a Stryber AG guarantee.
Who pays my ancillary costs?
Zenmieter pays you, just like a normal tenant, the entire warm rent for each month. The ancillary costs, as well as possible refunds or additional payments, we simply pass on directly to the final tenant.

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