The future of rental.
Data-driven rental prices and guaranteed rental income.

We make long-term investments with private real estate for owners as easy as possible while providing fair average rental prices for tenants.

What’s my monthly rental payment?

Using one of the largest AI-driven real estate databases, we calculate an offer for each individual property based on over 150 factors. To find out about your expected monthly rental payment from Zenmieter for exactly your property, simply obtain a free, non-binding offer to quickly find out.

Generally you will receive a fixed monthly rental income that is 5-8% below the average cold market price from Zenmieter plus the full ancillary cost. And all of this without having to care about anything or rental default.

Hassle-free renting for only 5-8% of the market cold rent.

Guaranteed rental income from day one also in case of vacancies or unreliable tenants
7-day support and communication for landlords and tenants
Entire management of the property including market-based rent increases
Qualified tenant search and full new letting process (handovers, contracts, flat viewings,…)
Repair and maintenance management including negotiations of good conditions with our partners

Long-term investment planning: Effective fee only 1-4%*

*Based on 2% average rental default, 3% legal protection insurance, tax savings, repair contracts, cost of renting out, etc.

How our algorithm works

We offer transparent real estate prices calculated with the biggest AI-driven real estate database in Germany.

Your apartment is evaluated on more than 150 factors. This is how your data-driven offer is calculated.

Some of the other factors

Transportation score
Shopping score
Leisure score
Health score

Construction year
Property type
Noise level
View score

Apartment type
Balcony size
# Rooms
# Bathrooms

Condition / Quality
Building year
Renovation year


First rental date
Contract start date
Average time to rent out

Are you ready for renting out your apartment out in the easiest way possible?