Absolutely stress-free rental.

Rent out your apartment in 5 quick steps. Then you receive your rent without having to worry about anything.

Step 1

Request your free, non-binding offer

Just fill out your flat details and request an offer on our website. You will receive this free, non-binding offer from Zenmieter within 24 hours. We calculate transparent data-driven offers using the real-time market rental price. Your offer is based on 150 individual factors making it as accurate as possible. We get our data from the biggest rental database in Germany and only deduct a 5-8% fee of the market price for our service. If you have any questions about the offer we also consult you via phone.

If you have any questions about the offer, you can check our pricing page or we can schedule a phone call.

Step 2

Schedule a flat viewing

After you received and accepted our offer we are ready to schedule a flat viewing. For some real estate we skip this step and a virtual viewing is sufficient. Here we clarify your last questions personally and examine all details about the apartment. If we agree on working together we receive some documents from your side and immediately continue with the contract creation.

Step 3

Receive your contract and sign

As soon as we decided on a rental start date you will receive your contract shortly after the viewing. Of course we will answer all your questions on the contract personally and then sign it digitally. Our rental contract was prepared in cooperation with a lawyer.

Step 4

Handover of the flat

Your last step before receiving your first rent will be the final handover of the flat. As your security is very important to us we will fill out a detailed handover protocol and sign the contract in person. Now you give the keys to Zenmieter and your flat is rented out – easy as that.

Step 5

Receive rent

Now there is nothing else for you to do apart from leaning back and receiving your rent every month without any hassle or phone calls from tenants.

Are you ready for renting out your apartment out in the easiest way possible?